The Motion

Never with hesitation
Stealing breath from your slack
I’ve been living a lifetime, lifetime thru you

Well I'll affect information
And bleed it thru every crack
You'll never see with the sun shine, sun shine on you

These lies never seem what they are
Crime always pays you
It was never the motion
That was always the notion

You can't remember the virtue
of sticking knives in their backs
As you're molding their conscience, conscience to you

Easy lane like a drive thru
No need to plan an attack
As the rusted chains of your spoil, spoils more too

Ooh lies are everything that you are
And crime always pays you
That was always the notion
It’s never the motion

Now, Im every thing that you are
But my crime never pays you
That was always the notion
Oh Oh it was never the motion
I'm just you